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Costumer account

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You can register with by simply clicking on the button "Sign up" (on the homepage). For your sign up we need some personal data, which is used to pay out the winning amounts. Please note that this data is treated with strict confidence and is only used for internal administration purposes. So we ask you to enter your data precisely and correctly so that we are able to quickly pay out any winnings. You always have to login with the user name and password selected in order to place a bet or to access your personal account. Please indicate whether you wish to make your deposits via credit card or via bank transfer. If you make your transactions via credit card, please indicate the details of your credit card and the relevant bank data precisely and correctly. After you have entered all necessary data, click on "Send". Then a confirmation screen is displayed, in which you can check and print out your data, if applicable. Please note that you need to have a positive balance on your account to place a bet.


If you are a registered user, you first have to login to place any bets or to view your account details. To login you need your user name and password selected when signing up. Enter this data in the relevant boxes and click on "Login" and your personal account will be displayed!

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If you should feel uncomfortable with your gaming behavior or if you have the feeling that you are in danger of becoming addicted, you can exclude yourself from our offer at any time by selecting “My account > Close account”. Please note that you have to withdraw your entire credit balance before you can close your account.

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Mis favoritos 0
Bádminton 15
Baloncesto 154
Balonmano 77
Bandy 3
Béisbol 72
Biatlón 2
Boxeo 28
Ciclismo 5
Críquet 12
Curling 1
Dardos 13
Deporte de motor 13
Especiales 3
Esquí de fondo 4
Fútbol 1208
Fútbol americano 13
Fútbol australiano 12
Fútbol sala 7
Hockey sobre hielo 129
MMA 36
Rugby 78
Snooker 3
Tenis 190
Unihockey 12
Voleibol 45
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