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Responsible Gaming is aware of the fact that taking part in the betting offer can lead to personal and social problems and attempts to minimize this exposure. By means of elucidation and prevention.

Therefore we offer you the following options for responsible gaming:

  • An easy, clear and secure use of the platform.

  • A check of the stake for all games at any time.

  • Deposit limits to constrict your deposits.

  • Stake- and return limits.

  • By obeying the following rules one can avoid addiction to gambling in time generally:

  • Take periodic gambling breaks!
  • Define your monthly gambling asset beforehand!
  • Do not subsequently raise the maximum gambling amount set in advance!
  • Decide beforehand at what earnings you will stop playing!
  • Define beforehand the maximum height of your loss!

    If you have difficulties to adhere to these ground rules and if you have the feeling that you might be affected by a gambling addiction, please do not hesitate to contact us or perform a self-test for first analysis.


  • If you should notice compulsive behavior on yourself, immediately cease gambling and please seek professional help at once. Amongst others, you can approach international organizations like.


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  • Of course the team of is available at any time for questions about player protection – please contact our customer service at [email protected]

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    Dardos 22
    Deporte de motor 12
    Esquí Alpino 2
    Fútbol 1459
    Fútbol americano 31
    Fútbol australiano 1
    Golf 13
    Hockey sobre hielo 188
    MMA 8
    Rugby 45
    Salto de esquí 1
    Snooker 16
    Tenis 75
    Tenis de mesa 3
    Unihockey 7
    Voleibol 12
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