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Sportsbetting (first steps)


You want to know what sports betting is all about and how it works? Then you are in the right area here! We explain in detail all basic terms, the types of bets and the rules. Whether you are a beginner or an expert - you will find everything you want to know about sports betting!

1.1 Explanation of the basic terms

Team 1 Team 2 Tip 1 Tip X Tip 2
Arsenal Schalke 04 1,65 3,30 4,40
Dortmund Liverpool 2,20 3,00 2,85

Sports bets are bets placed on sports events (e.g. soccer, tennis, ice hockey, ski alpine, etc.) The bookmaker calculates, based on experience values and various other factors, Odds, which indicate the probability with which the related event will occur. The bettor makes his/her Forecast(s) and places a certain stake. If the forecast was right, the winnings are calculated depending on the relevant Type of bet.

Below we explain several important basic terms in the field of sports betting. So we wish to help people who have never dealt much with that topic, but who would like to enjoy sports betting.

1.2 Combo bet (+3)

A combo bet is a Combination bet, which must consist of at least 3 games. Games, which must be played in a combination of 3, are marked with (+3) next to the game.

1.3 Exclusion

Please note that certain combinations are not possible for several games.
- A handicap game (e.g. HC Arsenal - Sunderland) cannot be combined with the related standard game (Arsenal - Sunderland).
- Position bets (e.g. Schumacher M., position 1-3) cannot be combined with victory bets (Schumacher M. victory) or pole bets (Schumacher M. Pole).

1.4 Result bet

You bet on a specific end result. Possible results: Tip 1 (team 1 to win), Tip X (tie) or Tip 2 (team 2 to win).

1.5 Long-term bet (LZ)

These are bets that extend on a longer period.
Examples: Formula 1 World Champion, Soccer Champion, etc. Long-term bets can only be combined with each other. You will find our long-term bets by selecting in the betting screen under "Select" the item "Long-term" on the left-hand side. All long-term bets are automatically displayed sorted by sport types.

1.6 Odds

The odds are an assessment by the bookmaker about the occurrence of sport game results. Low odds, i.e. odds that are close to 1 are assigned to an event, if the occurrence of this event is very probable. High odds are assigned, if the occur-rence of the event is less probable. To determine the winnings, the stake placed by the bettor is multiplied by the odds - i.e. if the odds are low, the winnings are lower, since the result is quite predictable. If the odds are higher, the winnings may also be higher, but the risk is greater.

1.7 Row

This term comes from the field of System bets or Full-system bets. A row designates the number of combination bets within a (full) system bet.

1.8 Special bet

The term "Special bet" comprises the following types of bets:
Result bet Halftime/fulltime result First goal scorer Over / Under bets Set bet

1.9 Tip 1

Team 1 or home team wins.

1.10 Tip 2

Team 2 or away team wins.

1.11 Tip X

The game ends in a draw.

1.12 Tip-types

According to your choosen sport you have several opportunities of betting.

-> Tip-types

1.13 Type of bets

To one's own taste if you prefer single bets or combination bets your have several opportunities of betting.

-> Type of bets

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Hoy 2 días 3 días Todas
Mis favoritos 0
Bádminton 10
Baloncesto 87
Balonmano 54
Bandy 9
Béisbol 38
Boxeo 17
Ciclismo 6
Criquet 14
Dardos 10
Deporte de motor 4
Especiales 26
Esquí Alpino 3
Esquí de fondo 10
Fútbol 873
Fútbol americano 6
Fútbol australiano 6
Golf 11
Hockey sobre hielo 165
MMA 37
Rugby 77
Salto de esquí 1
Snooker 68
Tenis 155
Tenis de mesa 10
Unihockey 6
Voleibol 28
Voley playa 8
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