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Grün-Weiss Sportwetten G.m.b.H. (GWbet) is a worldwide acting bookmaker and bet-commissioner. The company was incorporated in 1998 with an Austrian bookmaker license and is located in Graz, Styria, Austria.

GWbet is member of the Austrian bookmaker association and has access to the worldwide monitoring system. Monitoring is an instrument offering protection for athletes and is a means of keeping the sport clean and free of manipulation.

The company’s well-experienced staff is able to submit an unbeatable offer which is characterized by a vast number of sport events, various bet types and 365 day-support. Due to our software and betting system we offer you a lot of possibilities to place bets. It doesn’t matter if it`s via the internet, mobile phone or terminal – you have full access to the company’s bet-offer and personal account at any time.

Besides our general bet-offer we constantly quest for innovative ways of betting – for instance society bets or political elections.

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American Football 6
Aussie Rules 28
Bandy 2
Baseball 61
Basketball 69
Biathlon 30
Boxing 3
Cricket 7
Cycling 3
Darts 8
Floorball 12
Futsal 5
Golf 13
Handball 49
Ice Hockey 88
Motorsport 19
Rugby 81
Snooker 5
Soccer 1287
Specials 1
Table Tennis 10
Tennis 87
Volleyball 44
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